Fuerza Regida

Fuerza Regida

Fuerza Regida


The quartet formed in 2017 and consists of vocalist Jesus Ortiz Paz, lead guitarist and second vocalist Samuel Jaimez, rhythm guitarist and harmony singer Khrystian Ramos, and a tuba player, who goes only by the name José. Ortiz’s evocative baritone is at once declamatory and vulnerable as he relates believable tales of urban life. The band began posting videos to YouTube almost immediately. They charted millions of views before they released a record. By the end of the year they had signed with Rancho Humilde, a label at the forefront of the Requinto Urbano sound. Their debut album, En Vivo Puros Corridos, appeared in January of 2018, followed by another slew of video singles including “Radicamos en South Central” and “Ya Se Fue Manuel” that had 100 million views combined. They toured Southern California and Northern Mexico. Their bouncy, outlaw stage presence, consummate musicianship, and youthful good looks got the quartet massive exposure on radio, television, Instagram, and Twitter. Their video for the song “Sigo Chambeando” also included musicians from Legado 7, and racked up more than 100 million views on its own that November. Fuerza Regida kept the flow of videos and streaming singles up as 2019 commenced. In the spring, they delivered a six-track EP of love songs in Las Romanticas Favoritas. In July, Rancho Humilde issued Del Barrio Hasta Aqui, Fuerza Regida’s sophomore long-player. It debuted at number one on Mexican Regional Album charts and peaked at number four at Top Latin Albums.




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