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Herencia de Patrones

Herencia de Patrones

Herencia de Patrones


Herencia de Patrones is a requinto urbano group from Northern California. The group was founded in 2017 as a local band who were among the first to play in the emergent acoustic style that marries norteño folk forms to gritty urban lyrics in their corridos. Due to their exciting live show where audience members often sing along with them and even climb on-stage, the band drew the attention of Rancho Humilde Records, the label responsible for requinto urbano with a roster that already included the bands Legado 7 and Fuerza Regida. Signed by Jimmy Humilde himself, the trio employ the requinto (high-string) guitar, bajo sexto, and tuba with rich harmony singing. Their songs are about street life, partying to excess, raw sexuality, the drug trade, and violence. Their seven-track debut EP, Clicka Fija, appeared in 2018. It hit streaming charts, and the band’s videos registered in the low millions. They joined Rancho Humilde’s Great Smoke Out Tour with their labelmates, and won tens of thousands of new fans across the southwestern United States. Later that year they delivered the concert date En Vivo Desde Wounded in the middle of an intense touring schedule. They continued to release videos at an astonishing clip. As 2019 commenced, the band began to issue new videos virtually every month, increasing their profile further and drawing airplay from Mexican Regional radio in the United States as well as immense popularity at streaming. In autumn of 2019, Herencia de Patrones issued Pas Las Vibras, their proper studio debut. It entered the Top Latin Albums chart at number 11; the same week, their collected videos totaled over 65 million views.




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